Zulu 2 Human Race

Umuntu is a human being or a person but I prefer a human being because it has no gender, color, political affiliation, UN affiliation or class label.  It is like saying nature, instead of saying trees, flowers, fruit, vegetables, rivers or mountains. 

Human beings have one thing in common: they are human.  That entitles them to be treated or to treat each other humanely.  Does it make sense?  Maybe not.  I will therefore use an example from the olden days, when amaZulu lived on their land.  
Travellers knocked on the nearest home, when it became dark before they reached their destination.  They were given food and shelter because they were human beings. 

Animals could not do that.  “Hi! I’m Mr. Tiger. I was on my way to kill some zebras but it got dark before I reached my prey.  Can I crash here for the night?”  The word umuntu, should be seen in that context.

A human being. A person.
Many people.
Humanity. Being human.
A girl’s or boy’s name.
Little human beings, between 2-5 years.
A baby.  To refer to someone younger than you.
Buphelile ubuntu.
Humanity is dead.


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