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Computer Updates

Computer updates drive me pazzo (Italian).
I get the feeling that the intention is to hide my stuff and roads and bridges I normally take to go to work, computer work that is.
Yes, most of these updates come with tutorials but who has the time?  After updates, I need to go back to school to figure out how they work, to find my pics and to download stuff from my mobile phone. 
I really lose it if some computer updates do not like my phone because I have great pics in there that I want to check first before I scatter them to the world.  Call me cautious.
Another frustration is breathing.  These updates are so fast, I’m afraid to breathe because the page will either disappear or zoom out.  When did the page go right?  I didn’t right-align it, did I?  These are just a few examples why updates are anti-breathing.
Other social networking vendors are asking me to update things.  I won’t.  I don’t have time to go back to school every time I accept an update.
Computer updates.  If it’s not broken,…