Internet Manners

The internet and mama have something in common: manners.  They believe that always say Hi! To people you meet.
Home is where the heart is, but it is rough being at home these digital days.  People are so tied up in chat rooms, Instagram, Twitter, FB, YouTube or Google mania, they don’t have a minute to say hi or good night to people they share a toilet or kitchen with.

Thank god for internet players.  They say hi to me when I re-open a document after a thirty minutes’ break.  It’s all automated, but it is nice when the computer calls me by my name and encourages me to continue, where I left off.
The internet understands that greetings are the definitive ice breaker, before saying mum, I’m hungry or dad, can I have the car keys?

Facebook has taken it to the next level because it understands that I live in a strange province where the weather is a headline story, and not what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau thinks about the Keystone Pipeline, so Facebook reminds me of temperatures going up and down.
The internet is regarded as the bad guy because of pornography, child abuse, disrespect for women, religious crimes, plagiarism, ads that interrupt movies every 30 seconds etcetera, but we can all learn some manners from it.  Always take time to say hello, how are you doing and goodbye.



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