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Bachchan Baby - Nosipho

If the Bachchan baby had been born somewhere in South Africa, it might have been given the name Nosipho, which means she is a gift, in the language isiZulu.  There are many boys and girls named Sipho or Nosipho respectively because all African languages have this concept of the baby as a gift. 
Various cultures and religions have their way of explaining how this gift comes about.  What cannot be disputed, however, is that it takes place in a woman’s body. No baby girls who grow up to be women, no sons and no future generations!
Visitors that used to follow this blog when I was active know that I’ve never commented on stars’ personal lives.  I was mainly interested in the story, how actors interpreted it, costumes, lighting, directors’ vision, music and editing.
The life cycle Today I’m writing about Abhishek and Aishwarya Bachchan’s baby for two reasons.  Firstly, Aishwarya is the reason behind this blog.  She was my initiation into Hindi cinema.  Secondly, their baby is a reminder t…