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Junk Mail My Fault

“Do you have an e-mail address?” “No,” I looked the saleslady in the eye.

She looked me in the other eye and punched the store computer to print my receipt. I don’t care what she thought but I’m not giving out my e-mail address anymore.

I used to complain about junk mail, not realising that it was all my fault.I gave away my e-mail freely, like water down the Canim Falls in British Columbia.My inbox ended up overflowing with: Grocery flyers advertising two for one toilet soap and baked beans. Win a free trip to Belize said a travel agency Seat sale from the last airline I used to fly to Toronto You have been chosen to win a computer or mobile phone.Can you imagine? Me?Who has never been given anything for free in her life? White sale ads about pink or black sheets and towels I don’t need. Computer sales. Apps I should buy. The list goes on.My carelessness is also responsible for the mess in my inbox.Some shops or online merchants ask me if I would like to receive their promotional items.Th…