Zulu 15 - I love you

Abused women with scars on their face, bodies and soul usually stay because ‘I love him.’

English differentiates between like and love.  The waiter says what would you like, but you love your grandmother or your husband.  Zulu has the same word thanda for both emotions.  Love is universal that is why you find so many women called Thandiwe or Noluthando in South Africa.  Musicians such as Ntando sing about ‘Sthandwa Sami’ (my love).

The loved one.  A girl’s name.
Nansi –imenu.
Here is the menu.
What would you like?
Ngithanda u-fish.
I would like some fish?
Ngithanda inyama.
I would like some meat.
Ngithanda amazambane.
I would like some potatoes.
Ngiyaluthanda ulwandle.
I like the sea.
They love each other.
I love you.
Nami ngiyakuthanda.
I love you too.
I no longer love you.
Uthandana nobani?
Who is your girlfriend/boyfriend?

Girlfriend: Ngiyakuthanda George.
Boyfriend:  Nami ngiyakuthanda Sally.
Girlfriend:  Angisakuthandi George.
Boyfriend:  Nami angisakuthandi Sally.



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