Zulu 19 - Food

We go to work for a variety of reasons.  The main one is to get money for food, ukudla in Zulu.  One of the wonders of the world is a child enjoying food, taking the whole thing seriously.  Equally, there is nothing painful like a child crying because it is hungry.

It is difficult to explain how you say ukudla.  The sound ‘dla’ will come from the sides of your slightly closed mouth, and the tongue pressing on your upper palate.
Baba. Ngicela ukudla.
Father.  May I have some food please?
What are we going to eat?
What are you eating?
Ngidla inkukhu.
I’m eating chicken.
Have you eaten?
Have they eaten?
Uzodla nobani?
Who are you going to eat with?
Ngizodla no mama.
I will eat with my mother.


FATHER:  Udlani?
CHILD: Ngidla inkukhu.
FATHER:  Nami ngicela ukudla. (I would also like some food please).
CHILD:  Asidle lenkukhu. (Let’s eat this chicken).
FATHER:  Ngiyabonga.  (Thank you).


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