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Iqbal Sign Language

I am an NRI, translated into: no-real Indian.  I follow Indian cinema in my quest to find only one million original films before humanity as we know it disappears.  I will use the term Indian cinema sparingly because I only have access to Hindi films, not Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Marathi, Kannada, Gujarati and other languages.
Iqbal, Nagesh Kukunoor’s film is definitely in my shopping cart about these original films I’m searching for before I lose interest in cinema.  It is original because I’ve never thought about the parents of someone who does not speak the traditional way.  How do they learn sign language if he did not speak from childhood?  I take speech for granted so it never crossed my mind until I saw Iqbal.
Iqbal played brilliantly by Shreyas Talpade cannot speak.  He uses sign language with his parents, especially his tough little sister Khadija, played by Shweta Prasad.  Both of them love cricket because of their mother played by Prateeksha Londkar.  She used to talk…