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Magna Carta Holy Grail – My Take Language – own up to new language – rap and hip hop – first stop – find a rap music station – 104.7 FM Winnipeg – obliges - must hide rap lessons from FAMFRI (family and friends) – 70 years old - c’mon – 70 – you’re too old – for hooking up to that mess - rap and hip hop mess – with its triangle of N, F and B words – triangle – triangle - triangle.

I don’t think so – praise technology for head phones - FAMFRI have no clue I’m wired to 104.7FM – October 2013 - holy grail on the air – again – again – and again - how many times a day – holy grail - curiosity is pricked. What’s up with this Canadian radio station giving holy grail so much airplay – must feed my curiosity – that’s right – here we are – dissertation – a dissertation from somebody clueless – clueless - clueless about –about rap n’ hip hop – clueless – did someone call my name?

Clueless As an an intruder into the space, streets, street gear, sounds, smell, colours, code of conduct, ball…