Zulu 16 - Have a Bath

There’s a kwaito/hip hop song that tells kids to have a bath so that they can be beautiful, ‘Sizogeza sibe bahle.’  It never fails to amuse me because my parents said the same thing. 

It is common for a child to declare, ‘Sengimuhle,’ meaning I am beautiful, after a bath.  Ukugeza is to have a bath or washing yourself.  Geza’ is the same sound as ‘get’ in English.

Hamba uyogeza.
Go and have a bath/wash yourself.
I’m having a take a bath/washing myself.
Geza amazinyo.
Brush your teeth.
Geza imoto.
Wash the car.
They are having a bath.
We will have a bath.
Geza ingane.
Give the child a bath.
Have you had a bath?
Nizo geza nini?
When will you have a bath?
Sizogeza manje.
We’ll have a bath right now.
Bayogeza emfuleni.
They’ve gone to the river to have a bath.


MOTHER:  Nigezile?

CHILDREN:  Yebo Ma sigezile.

MOTHER:  Nigeze nini? (When?)

CHILDREN: Sigeze ekuseni.  (We washed in the morning.)


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