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Yesterday And Tomorrow in Zulu

Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. This lesson will deal with yesterday and tomorrow only, because I can’t think of a way to teach you na-mhla-nje which is today in Zulu.English does not have cluster vowels like Zulu and Xhosa. ZULU ENGLISH I-zo-lo. Yesterday. A-ma-zo-lo Dew, literally means water that formed yesterday. Na-mhla-nje. Today. Ku-sa-sa. Tomorrow. I-zo-lo.The first part has the e-mail sound, the second the Zodiac sound and the last part, the lock sound. Ku-sa-sa.The first part sounds like kudu, the last two as salad. ZULU ENGLISH U-fi-ke ni-ni? When did you arrive? Ngi-fi-ke i-zo-lo. I arrived yesterday. Ba-fi-ke ni-ni? When did they arrive? Ba-fi-ke i-zo-lo. They arrived yesterday. Si-fi-ke e-Nice i-zo-lo. We arrived in Nice yesterday. Ba-fi-ke e-Hamburg i-zolo.

Kids On A Budget

The best time to introduce kids to budgeting is before their first cellphones, when you are still their world, the shining star that radiates all kinds of wisdom.

What also helps is capitalizing on their impatience to be grown-up. For example, giving them money to pay for groceries is a high, they feel grown-up.Cashiers address them directly, give them the change and say have a nice day. Credit and debit cards are money, a form of payment, but paper money is more tangible.It has colours that represent limits: green, brown, red or blue notes. Teaching your kids budgeting at an early age also helps you, because older kids will advise younger brothers and sisters.
“Mom doesn’t have enough money for ice cream.We will buy it next time.”

The stress is paper money because of limit, the very essence of budgeting.Mama used to sit us around the dining table and explain that my sister will get new shoes first because hers had been repaired to death and the shoemaker couldn’t perform miracles.He trie…

Who in Zulu

Who are you?
Who is ba-ni in Zulu. Who won the November 2018 midterm elections in the U.S?
When you visit southern Africa, people will ask you your name (i-ga-ma). You’ll tell them and also say you are from Brazil, Portugal, Poland or Ukraine.
The question is more detailed for locals because they still live in close-knit communities, both rural and urban.The answer should include your last name, your father’s name and grandfather’s. This was important in the olden days because certain families lived in certain parts of the land e.g. above a river or under a mountain range.
Who broke the window?Accidents happen when boys play football or cricket nearby.There’s a knock on the door?Who is it?
Ba-ni.The first part is pronounced like Ba-li, with a soft -b- and the second part like neat.

ZULU ENGLISH U-ba-ni i-ga-ma la-kho? What is your name? U-ngu-ba-ni? Who are you? U-ba-ni o-ngqo-ngqo-za-yo? Who is knocking? U-ba-ni lo? Who is this? U-ma-ma. It is mother. U-ba-ni lo? Who is this? U-ba-ba. It is father. U-ba-…

Getting Drunk Responsibly

Drink but don’t get drunk.

December is around the corner and liquor stores have taken ads all over the place to tell us to drink responsibly, meaning drink but don’t get drunk. Very confusing.They will be out of business if we drank responsibly.We will drink one shot of rum/whisky, one bottle of beer, a finger of tequila, gin or vodka and one small glass of wine.

Bars will be out of business.Bartenders will be out of a job and Hollywood will stop making movies about ‘last call’, a call to have that one last drink to confirm that you are drunk enough to get into your car and drive home. Hollywood especially, because it made champagne glamorous.We see beautiful actors celebrating good news with champagne and clicking glasses.A toast!That is a Hollywood invention that is now touted as global urban culture.

Another favourite movie line is telling the barman that you want a martini: ‘Shaken, not stirred.’ It started with some movie somewhere and got recycled, like all Hollywood scripts.First o…

Cellphones Get Lost Message

Action speaks louder than words.

Therefore, reaching for your cellphone when somebody is talking to you sends one message.I’m done with you.I’m no longer listening to you.I’m now ‘talking’ and listening to whatever I see on the screen, even if it is cartoons. Some people just don’t get it.They continue talking and the cellphone navigator continues to navigate.Oh! She’s smiling.The talker thinks that is a good sign, but the navigator is smiling at the cellphone.

A person who values herself will stop talking as soon as the other person fishes out her cellphone.She must stop talking right there and exit the conversation and the friendship, or remnants of it.People navigate their cellphones because of manners.It is not polite to say: ‘You are boring me.’That is when they remember that action speaks louder than words. You might not realise that you are devalued, but passers-by do, and don’t understand why you don’t get the message although the bus is flashing: downtown, downtown!

Eyes.How abou…

Receive/Accept in Zulu

Receive and accept is a-mu-ke-la in zulu.
It is both because receiving something is not a guarantee that it will be accepted.Take phone calls for example.When you are mad at some people, you reject their calls, send them to voice mail or block them.Therefore, they were received but not accepted.
A-mu-ke-la. Receive food from Ma, a gift; a blessing from the Pope and other religious leaders; a diploma on graduation day; receive the guest of honour for your function or receive a yes, for your love proposal.The ultimate acceptance of an engagement is the wedding.The groom or bride might not show up at the altar, nullifying what was initially received.
A baby boy is called Samukelo and a girl Mamukelo.Kids in Africa are taught to receive food and gifts with two hands, a sign of respect. The bride and bridegroom in an English wedding, accept each other’s rings. A-mu-ke-la.You say the first part of the verb like art, the second like moot, third like the French phrase qu-est and the last like l…

December Family Portraits

Make the 2018 holiday season uber special by organizing family portraits.This means hiring a professional photographer who will come to the designated house to take pictures of grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters and cousins all under one roof.

No, your cellphone won’t do because despite the high quality of cellphone cameras, we still take out of focus pics. Grandparents push phones in your face and you have no option but to say the grandkids are cute, although you can hardly see them.Yes, I can see you in this camping pic, when I can’t.Therefore, cellphone portraits are out of the question. O.K. You don’t want a professional photographer?Get a family member who has the right hardware and it doesn’t have to be $10 000 lenses.Someone who takes photography seriously understands the light source.Is the light coming from a window or desk lamps with white bulbs?
Be creative.Transform the garage into a studio if you have a fantastic garage like those I see in fancy magazines.Take out th…

Share With Your Sisters

Family values.
They mean different things to different people.
They are nothing but, how things are done to bring up kids to prepare them to live in harmony with a harsh world, with people who share the same outlook on life, or not.

Sharing for example.It makes school easier if kids are used to sharing and helps them with their subjects.Jack is more likely to understand what the teacher is saying about quarters, if it reminds him of home. I’ll cut this orange into four quarters so that you can share with your three sisters.

This muffin is too big for you.Let’s cut it in half. From time immemorial, immigrants in Canada and the U.S. had a history of sharing. They settled well and adopted ways to show their affluence: over spending and overlooking the mine, mine, mine song kids sing in a new country.Sharing is often shunned as old country values.
Besides inculcating rudimentary math, sharing is good for the environment because it is not littered with soda cans three-year old kids could not fin…

Point in Zulu

Point is kho-mba in Zulu.

Movies.How many movies have you seen where there is a line-up of possible murderers or gangsters and the witness fingers one?Too many, made me leave Hollywood.Scripts too predictable. Where was I?Yes, kho-mba has some taboos in Zulu culture e.g. you don’t point a finger at elders. There is also a saying: u-zo-wu-kho-mba u-mu-zi o-no-tshwa-la, meaning you will speak the truth when I’m done with you.That is the loose translation, I think.

Brides in Nigerian movies are asked to give the bridegroom palm wine, the traditional drink.That is her way of pointing him, confirming her choice.
Teacher:5 + 5 =? Hands shoot up in Grade 1, so that the teacher can point at one of the eager, tender trusting minds for the answer. When people are lost, you help them by pointing the way, turn left here and right at the crossroads, but never say you’ll turn left where the dog is barking. What if the dog is on sabbatical? When a king has many sons, there are traditional ways of pointi…

Sick in Zulu

Sick is gu-la in Zulu.

It is the flu season right now and there’s a lot of blowing noses, coughing, mountain high sneezing and shivering.We are sick in Canada because of the cold weather.Si-ya-gu-la. That is natural, no problem.You boil some home remedies or visit your doctor.Other people are not so lucky.They are sick from love.The sickness usually comes from lack of reciprocity.A loves B.B is not interested because he loves someone online who lives in Bucharest.

Someone who is not rational is also called sick.Some people are so unhappy at home, they off-load their misery on workers.U-ya-gu-la, she is sick.Irrational politicians are also called sick. The sun can also make you sick.Mama told us to sleep in the shade not the direct sun, because it is so powerful, we would get sick.
Gu-la.The first part is pronounced like good and the second part like luck.
U-ya-gula.The first part is pronounced like ooze, the second like yard, the third like good and the last part like luck.


Canada and Oil Exploration

No trespassing.

The Federal Court of Appeal’s ruling on August 30, 2018 to delay Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s decision to expand the Trans Mountain pipeline, adds another tile to what we can call the ‘no trespassing on native land’ rulings. It is even misleading to use the term native because it came with European settlers who had one item on the agenda, free land or what they thought was free land.Canadian courts consistently reaffirm that it is not.Canada originally belonged to First Nations the same way India in Asia belongs to Indians, China to the Chinese, Africa to Africans and Europe to Europeans.

Consultation The Federal Court of Appeal wrote: “There was no meaningful two-way dialogue.” Canadian courts consistently reaffirm land rights of indigenous people, which was not the case when British and French settlers, driven by biting poverty in Europe, initially grabbed the land through fraud and the bible.

What is the bone of contention?It is oil, expanding an existing oil pipeline…