Text From My Son

I was in the garden raking leaves when the text from my son Junior came in.  He was in his room.

Junior: I hv it dad. Tuition fis 47,000 buks.

Me: Canadian or American?

Junior: US

Me:  Is it for 3 years?

Junior: Dad u kdin ryt?

Me: Come down here and see my face.

Junior: Its tuishn 4 hole yr.

Me: What do you want to study?

Junior:  Communications.

Me:  You don’t need that.  You have 746,000 followers on Twitter.

Junior: I C ur on a gd mud dad.

Me:  You want me to spend $47,000 for nine months to follow strangers?

Junior:  OK dad.  International relations is my sec choys.

Me:  CIA is on Twitter.  Following them will be cheaper.

Junior:  U drv a had bagen dad.

Me: You don’t know what you want do you?

Junior:  I no whr ths is goin dad.  OK ill B an inglsh major.

Me:  You must be kidding me!


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