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Make A Wish

We also teach isi-Zulu, a South African language on this blog. Wish is fi-sa in Zulu. Americans have a wish for next year’s election. No. Make it 2 wishes.

They wish Donald Trump wins.
They wish Donald Trump loses.

Wishing is not practical. Working on something is more productive, like getting more Americans registered to vote and reminding them that one missing vote can make a wish come true or kill it. In colleges, students cannot work in coffee shops, electronic stores or party 24/7 then wish they can pass exams.

Having said that, the reality is that people wish all the time. That is why Sifiso is a popular boy’s name in southern Africa.

Girls wish they can be Meghan Markle and marry a British prince. Daughters-in-law wish their mothers-in-law would relax the culture a bit, and allow them to wear what Canadian women wear.

Women in some parts of the world wish they can give birth to sons, because the dowry system makes preparing for daughters’ marriage expensive and taxing emotionally.


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