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Warning in Zulu

Somebody is doing something wrong.Parents, friends and colleagues advise her that she should stop doing it.It is khu-za in Zulu.I don’t know what would be, the best translation. She must desist from doing it or should her friends reprimand her? Is khu-za a warning? Sorry, many things are lost in translation.

Khu-zani bo!Americans who did not vote for President Trump have raised the alarm to many of his policies, especially on immigration and Mexico in particular.People who gave him their vote are cool with it.They regard him as the main man. Youth is exciting for kids because of sampling.They sample life as they go along, something that freaks out parents, who try and call them to order.They try to khu-za them.

Khu-za.You say the first part like cool and the second part like Zanzibar.
ZULU ENGLISH Khu-za-ni u-President Trump. Tell President Trump to stop. Mkhu-zeni. A boy’s name which means people should tell him to stop or warn him. Khu-za-na-ni. A name for both boys and girls that means people…

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