Zulu 6 - Put it here

Please place the grocery on the table.  beka’ is to place or put something somewhere. 

Beka la = put it here

Beka phansi = put it down

Beka phezulu = put it on top

Beka ngapha = put it this side

Beka ngaphandle = put it outside

Ngiyi bekephi i-mobile phone?
Where did I put the mobile phone?
Uyibeke phezu kombhede.
You left it on the bed.
Uyibekephi imoto?
Where did you put the car?
Ngiyibeke e-garage.
I left it in the garage.
Uyibekephi ingane?
Where did you put the baby?
Ngiyibeke ngaphandle.
I put it outside/I left it outside.
Beka phansi ingane.
Put down the child.
Beka la.
Put it here.

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