Google The Communist

History teachers were wrong when they said the ideology called Communism is in Russia, Democratic Republic of Vietnam and Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. 
It is online, where I cannot do a Google search without ads popping up from top to bottom, left and right and where is that sound coming from?  Oh! There’s also a video ad.

History teachers said there were good guys and bad guys.  The U.S. was the good guy because you basically had the freedom to do anything once you turned 18, provided you have some greenbacks.

Russia was the bad guy because the government controlled your every move, what you learnt at school, where you lived and what you ate (books had images of long lines for food).  History equated communism with oppression.
Google is a communist because it interferes with my right to surf the internet in peace.  Advertisements.  It is like setting the cat among the pigeons.  Advertisers are the cat.  I’m one of the little pigeons. What is ironic is that I’ve paid the cable company for internet service, so I’m paying for my own oppression.

I’m not a computer expert like kids in Bangalore, India, so I don’t know who owns the internet highway, the online Minister of Transport, so to speak.  Google is the culprit in my book because it’s my entry point.

Google is the communist because ads have more rights than the pigeons.  Delete that.  Pigeons have no rights at all.  They go online to look for information and they are forced at gunpoint to buy, buy and buy.
Pigeons have no say in the matter, especially watching videos.  It is communism to be forced to watch ads every minute, especially where there is no option to SKIP THE VIDEO.

Therefore, Google owes so-called communist countries an apology.  Those Google boys and girls should come up with some colourful animation to warn pigeons that they are about to lose their freedom.

You are now entering a communism zone.
Nonqaba waka Msimang is the author of Sweetness, a South African novel.


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