Banks and Statistics Canada

I knew it.  Banks are up to something.  Now they want to tell the whole world about my financial health or lack of it.

Online banking has its good and evil side.  The good one is that you can bank at your desk at home, while enjoying your mint tea or local brew.  The bad side is that you can do banking on your phone while someone is doing an important slide presentation at work.
Banks tell us online banking is about managing our finances, but it is becoming scary.  There is a bank that is offering us to ‘anonymously compare your income and spending to other ….. customers.'  We will leave out the bank’s name for fear of litigation.

This bank needs to break it down for me.  I understand the anonymous part, but how will it pan out? I cringe at the thought that, the information about my sorry bank accounts will be viewed by other people.  O.K.  My name wont be there, but it is still my private information. 
Do I even have an income?  A few dollars come in.  They say hello Nonqaba and off they go to pay for this and that.  Outcome.  That is what I have.  Oprah has an income.  I have an outcome.

What also beats me is why I would want to compare my income and spending to other people's?  The government does that already and calls it Statistics Canada.
Nonqaba waka Msimang is the author of Sweetness, a South African novel.



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