Nerds Brilliant Minds

I might as well admit it.  I’m a Google nerd.  I usually send a question to Google when I’m stuck somewhere in cyberspace.  I’m sorry to say that I seldom understand their answers because they are written in Googla, their language. 

I thought about my nerd situation just the other day when I asked Google about visits and page views.  What is the difference?  Google, in true Google form gave me answers in Googla, their designated language.  I switched gears immediately and asked normal people online. Presto!  A simple answer came up. 

That made my day because it is always reassuring that there are other people in the world who are Google nerds like me.  I also take exception to the term ‘nerd’ because it is used by insecure people who cannot understand intelligent people. 

I reached out and thumbed the Oxford Dictionary (yes, old school).  The definition is: ‘foolish, feeble, uninteresting person.’  That is far from the truth. 

The word is used by people who cannot assemble an IKEA chair because they don’t understand the instructions, who don’t do their own taxes, who don’t know what a QWERTY keyboard is, who hate the metric system, who don’t know the number of zeros in a zillion, who think ‘spam’, the on-line term means tinned meat made from ham, the list goes on. 

The word’ nerd’ cannot speak.  It cannot write to the Oxford Dictionary and demand a retraction.  It cannot write to Google because the reply will be in Googla, a secret language, but people who have been called nerds can mobilize their resources and make the world a better place. 

Virus?  It’s not true that they are all hackers, borrowing information without permission or destroying our computers with viruses.  You must admit that they are extremely intelligent.  They create all kinds of software that is immediately bought by Google and Microsoft. 


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