I Don't Have a Dime

Canada is penniless.  The Royal Canadian Mint stopped making pennies on the 4th of February 2013.  There are many implications for someone who is in a constant state of being penniless.  I must get used to saying I don’t have a dime.

Dimes should not laugh at the penny.  Every dog has its day.  Penny today, dime tomorrow!  Is Canada the only country that stopped making pennies?  I must do some research.

The problem we have now is the English language.  We must sweep under the carpet and find all those pennies and get rid of them.  No, we should substitute ‘penny’ for dime.

Penny blues

·         penny wise pound foolish

·         penny for your thoughts

·         cannot two rub two pennies together

·         penny’s worth

·         penny-pinching

·         pretty penny

·         penny dreadful – cheap, sensational fiction, a book or a magazine (chicklit???)

·         penny whistle
Why do I get the impression that I’m still penniless after all this exercise?  Oops! Dime-less!


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