Credit Card Tricks

I received a free credit card in the mail last month.   It’s not from a bank, but one of the chain stores that offer credit for clothing and jewellery. 

It’s a good thing that Ma is out there with my ancestors because she would be incensed.  Buying something on credit?  Live within your means my child.  Save for that new dress.  Save for a rainy day.

When I first came to North America, I was appalled when sales clerks asked me if I owed any shop or institution money.  Silly me!  I didn’t know that credit makes the world go round. 

I do appreciate the benevolence of getting a credit card from strangers but I did not activate it.  I’m older and wiser now. I don’t know where these people got my details from, but that is fodder for another post. 

They also massaged my ego a little bit because they said I was ‘pre-selected’ for the credit card, making me feel sorry for those folks that did not make the selection.  You must be kidding me!  I cannot be a candidate for any credit, plastic money or otherwise.

I’m so broke, the cash dispenser spits out my bank card with so much venom it falls on the ground.  I don’t waste time in shops.  Some cashiers ask me to try again if the card is declined.  I politely decline and run for cover.

That is why I want to know how these credit peddlers think that I’m a prime candidate for a clothing credit card? 


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