Living Together Agreement


1.     Keep your apartment I’ll keep mine.

2.     Find a place big enough for both of us.

3.     I’ll go back to my place when my parents are in town.

4.     Go to yours when your kids are here for the summer.

5.     We leave pets in our respective apartments.

6.     Don’t blow up my phone with ‘where are u’?

7.     I don’t like curfews.  I won’t come home before you.

8.     You’ll find your clothes on the floor where you left them.

9.     I don’t do singing in the rain without umbrellas. ‘sure I trust you.’

10.  I don’t do laundry and grocery shopping.

11.  I don’t baby-sit the fridge or do dishes.

12.  I don’t do bathroom maintenance, buying toilet paper, soap etc.

13.  I don’t do dinner.

14.  I don’t do money lending.  Banks will get jealous.

15.  I don’t do car rentals.  Buy yourself a reliable car.

16.  Our credit cards are not moving in together.

17.  I won’t touch your phone.  Mine is also off limits.

18.  Don’t say I love you.  Just show.

19.  Don’t mention me on FB and Twitter

20.  Yelling at me just once cancels this contract.

SIGNED:  ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­____________________     SIGNED:  __________________

DATE:  ______________________


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