Writing in Zulu

Twitter uses 140 characters, but it is still writing.  U.S. President Donald Trump is a great writer.  He tweets a lot.

Writing is bhala in Zulu.  Kids go to school to read and write.  Technology might be here, but writing is still important, except for YouTube, where the camera captures images.
Bha-la.  You say the first part as in bham!  The second part is pronounced as in lull.

Bhala i-tweet.
Write a tweet.
Bhala i-email.
Write an email.
Funda u-ku-bhala.
Learn how to write.
Gogo, u-ya-kwazi u-ku-bhala?
Grandmother, do you know how to write?
Cha.  A-ngi-kwazi u-ku-bhala.
No.  I don’t know how to write.
Ku-bhali-we.  U-nga-bhemi.
It is written. No smoking.
Ku-bhali-we. A-wu-fune-ki umsindo.
It is written.  No noise.
Ngi-ya-kwazi uku-bhala i-French.
I can write French.
Ngi-ya-kwazi u-ku-bhala isiZulu.
I can write Zulu.
Bha-lani a-ma sales reports.
Write your sales reports.
Bha-lani i-zi-khalo zenu.
Write down your complaints.
What are you writing?
Ngi-bhala i-ncwadi.
I’m writing a letter.
U-bhale-la bani?
Who are you writing it for?
Ngi-bhale-la i-Pope.
I’m writing a letter to the Pope.
Ngi-bhale-la u-President Vladimir Putin.
I’m writing a letter to President Vladimir Putin.

By:  Nonqaba waka Msimang.


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