Health Clubs Ads

Back to school and fitness centre ads are reminders that fall is here.  Health clubs or gyms are buying full page print ads to announce special fees for working out the summer fat.

These fees are tempting because I’m slightly overweight after the summer binge of food, food, food and more food.  I’m using ‘slightly’ conservatively, but fitness fanatics will probably say I am over weight period.

Anyway, the special joining fees won’t entice me because I’m a weak soul.  It is a bad investment for me because you pay upfront for the whole year, and i can’t set my foot in a fitness centre when real winter sets in.
I could join a gym, lift those weights, swim at the Olympic size pool, climb those bikes that don’t go nowhere or do low level kick boxing.

I could workout until January, but wither and withdraw from the gym in February because I don’t like the cold.  You think Novosibirsk in Russia is cold.  Nyet!  Try Manitoba province in Canada.
The only route I know when it is minus something is home.  I don’t see myself taking a detour to the gym, taking off my clothes into workout gear, pumping some iron, taking a shower and wearing my street clothes again so that I can walk out into that cold.

Thanks very much health clubs.  Count me out.
By: Nonqaba waka Msimang.


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