Insufficient Funds

Insufficient funds at the ATM is common for ordinary folks because we live beyond our wages or monthly pay cheques.  This painful state of affairs does not apply to the unemployed like Venus Williams, Oprah, Alexis Ohanian, Richard Branson and Salman Khan, the Indian actor.
We should therefore exercise patience at the ATM when the person currently using it, is taking longer than usual.  The warning INSUFFICIENT FUNDS means I used the wrong debit card.  Don’t blame me.  Most banks have blue in their logos.  The person behind me is rolling her eyes by now, but I must pull out the broke card and fish out another one from my bag, preferably another colour.
I say a little prayer and hope the orange card will not put another dent on my shame.  I listen to the ATM.  Something is churning inside and presto! Some green paper comes out. 
I put the money in my bag and walk away from the machine with my eyes fixed on the ground.   I don’t want to look up and see the six pairs of eyes that are fed up.  I know what they are thinking.  She doesn’t know how to manage her finances.
I’m in the majority.  Life is one big cut and paste.  I cut from one account and deposit in another.  Employers cut down the workforce and paste laid off workers’ responsibilities on remaining workers. We cut and paste political affiliations.  We cut and paste at home and in relationships.
Patience at the bank or ATM's at the mall is a must.  It will be you tomorrow, unless you are unemployed like the folks mentioned on top.
By:  Nonqaba waka Msimang. 


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