Moving in Zulu

Tropical storm Harvey in Texas forced people to move against their will at the end of August 2017.  Moving is thu-tha in Zulu. 

You can move voluntarily from Edmonton to Toronto, Stuttgart to Berlin or Moscow to New York.  Young couples move out of apartments into houses, once the baby comes.  U-Haul and inter-provincial moving companies do good business in the summer because most people move during this season.
If you don’t keep contact with your parents, you might have a nasty surprise when you go back home after 10 years. Ba-thu-tha, neighbours will tell you.

Thu-tha.  The first part is pronounced as in too much, the second one as in tally.

They moved.
I am moving.
They are moving.
We are moving.
They will move.
Ngi-thuthe-la e-Zakopane, Poland.
I’m moving to Zakopane in Poland.
Ba-thuthe-la e-Strasbourg.
They moved to Strasbourg.
Ba-thuthe-la e-Yellowknife.
They moved to Yellowknife.
Ni-zo-thutha nini?
When are you moving?
Si-zo-thutha ngo-September.
We will move in September.
Ngi-thuthi-se nge-lorry yakho.
Help me move with your lorry.
Nga-thutha e-Montreal.
I moved out of Montreal.
Ku-ya-biza uku-thutha.
Moving is expensive.
U-Zodwa u-ya-thanda uku-thutha i-zi-ndaba.
Zodwa likes moving stories around (she gossips).
By:  Nonqaba waka Msimang.


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