Lies At Job Interviews

Management jobs.  Interview panels.  Job applicants and their lies during interviews.  Forget about the well-designed C.V. or resume.  That paper gets you to the job interview and the rest depends on your interaction with the interview panel.

It is what you say or don’t say that will help you nail that management position.  Therefore, applicants bend the truth a bit, anything to be employed.
Interviewer:  You will manage six people if you get this job.  How are your people skills?
You:  I love people.  I get along very well with them.

You just blew it.  They have heard that lie a hundred times.  Just put your cards on the table and tell them that people can be very obnoxious and you hate the thought of being nice to them, because you are the manager.
Supply examples.  Tell them you hate signing that big card for someone’s birthday.  Tell them your birthday is private and confidential and how does the office event planner know it?  Tell them you hate explaining your unusual name everyday you meet someone new in the cafeteria.

Tell them you hate trooping to the coffee shop downstairs to bond over dark roast and frappuccino; hate looking at cellphone photos of newly born kids and saying they are cute; hate wearing denim on Fridays and dread the Christmas office party.

Interviewer:  Congratulations.  The job is yours.  Your honesty will be a great asset to the organisation.
Nonqaba waka Msimang is the author of Sweetness, a South African novel.


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