Blogger Unplugged

I need a label, classification, designation, hashtag, anything to make me Google-able.  Folks lose interest as soon as I say I write about everything. 
The label, general blogger, doesn’t grab attention.  People are not interested in anything that doesn’t have the possibility of attracting T.V. entertainment programmes, Oprah, a record deal or book deal. Nobody wants me in their selfie to prove to social media that they met THE ONE AND ONLY general blogger.

Their loss.  I know it doesn’t make a great hashtag but blow that bull horn, I’m a general blogger.  I cannot be a celebrity travel or food blogger because I’m grateful for each day, which is not the same as yesterday and has no possibility of being like tomorrow.

Zinnias, my favourite.
Clouds are not the same size and colour despite the anger in the sky, that precedes torrential rain.  The zinnia in full bloom yesterday wilted while I was asleep.  A toddler in a stroller said, ‘thank you’ to the bus driver when he left with his dad.  Someone held the door for me at the mall.   
At the same time, some people drowned in illegal boats on their way to what they think will be a better life in Europe or U.S. 

Some divorced women shuffle around in mental institutions trying to figure out what they didn’t do to please their husbands.  Girls barely sixteen, who live on the streets, might not reach 21 because of early fast food: alcohol and men.

I’m a general blogger because I’m grateful for every day, which might be a rainbow of positive news or debris from a stormy sea.
Nonqaba waka Msimang is the author of Sweetness, a South African novel.


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