Take in Zulu

To take something is tha-tha in Zulu.  We take something when we are sick.  We take husbands and wives.  We take the wrong highway and end up in strange places.

Tha-tha is pronounced as in tyre or tantamount.

Tha-tha la.
Take this.
Tha-tha i-ngane.
Take the child.
Tha-thani u-mango.
Take (many people) some mango.
Tha-thani u-banana.
Take (many people) some banana.
Nga-fa ikhanda.
This headache is killing me.
Tha-tha u-muthi.
Take some medicine.
Nga-fa u-koma.
I’m very thirsty.
Tha-tha amanzi.
Drink some water.
Tha-tha i-Bus 47.
Take Bus 47.
Tha-tha le-ndlela.
Take this route/road.
Ngi-zo-thatha i-Biology e-kholiji.
I will take Biology in college.
Ngi-zo-thatha i-Computer Science e-kholiji.
I will take Computer Science in college.
Nonqaba waka Msimang is the author of Sweetness, a South African novel.


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