Famous in Zulu

Duma means famous in Zulu.  Everybody Googles music video dancers, TV stars, basketball and soccer celebrities.  Nobody Googles daycare workers or farmers that grow beetroot and corn.

Du-ma, the first part is pronounced as in do or doom, the second part as in money.

A boy’s name, meaning be famous.  Maybe his father was famous when he was born or parents want the child to grow up and be famous.
A boy’s name which means he is famous.
A girl’s name which means they are famous.
Duma kahle.
Be famous for good things.
U-dume kahle.
She is famous for good things.
Duma kabi.
Famous for bad things.
U-dume kabi.
She is famous for bad things.
U-Rafael Nadal u-dume nge-tennis.
Rafael Nadal is famous because of tennis.
U-Venus Williams u-dume nge-tennis.
Venus Williams is famous because of tennis.
U-Donald Trump u-dume nge-Twitter.
Donald Trump is famous because of his tweets.
U-dume e-Paris ku-phela.
He is only famous in Paris.
U-dume e-Ukraine ku-phela.
He is only famous in Ukraine.

By:  Nonqaba waka Msimang.


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