African Gifts in Johannesburg

·        Ask the taxi or cab driver to take you to Maye Maye

·        Make sure he knows where the place is, he will take the Anderson Street off-ramp

·        The stalls are very small and do not take more than 2 people

·        Most items have a historical meaning so ask questions

·        Walk around the corridors and admire shoes made from tyres

·        Beadwork especially necklaces is exquisite and cheaper than the airport

·        Beadwork also includes little brooms you can hang in your study or living room

·        Definitely buy amacansi (grass mats) that you will use at your next cook-out or cricket match

·        Buy two little shields that would look great in your study/den

·        Buy two little beaded sticks with a round head to brighten up your kitchen

·        Buy 2 amavovo (strainers used to make African beer)

·        Ask questions about the dried plants or herbs on sale

·        Buy umblazelwa (khakhi pants with all kinds of patchwork) for your next cookout or office party

·        Buy wooden trays to use back home for barbeque and camping

·        Buy a red or black isicholo (traditional zulu hat for married woman)

·        Isicholo is now made of cloth or nylon, wear it with your necklace made of beads

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