A blogger’s Prayer ©

1.      Help me avoid checking stats to my website every day for two hours.

2.      Help me avoid spending two hours trying to understand internet language.  It took me a long time to understand www.somethingsomething.com

3.      Help me use that time to write some content somebody will be kind enough to read one day.

4.      Help me accept that nobody visited my website today.

5.      Help me understand that Google Analytics is not faulty.  It’s just that nobody dropped by for tea for a whole week.

6.      Help me understand that a visit to my site does not mean a sale.  Just browsing!

7.      Help me appreciate anyone who stays in my site and blog for more than three minutes.

8.      Help me come up with creative ideas for my site and blog.  Nobody is forced to be a lifetime member.

9.      Help me appreciate people who blog every day without any typos.

10.   Help me not to close my eyes during this prayer.  I might miss a book sale.

©Nonqaba waka Msimang



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