Guilty of Eating

The accused pleads guilty to the crime, my lord.

The internet makes food a crime.  Don’t eat that.  It has too much sugar.  Don’t even think about touching that cheesecake.  It has gigabyte calories.

The internet has useful information yes, but too much of it can be anti-life.  It is up to the individual to use some common sense.  For example, olive oil is good for me but I don’t think four tablespoons in a recipe is a good idea.  After all, it is still oil.
Life is about eating.  It is sad to read stories about actresses and models fainting on the job because they are on diets. Food is gas for the body, to get all parts churning so that we can have another day, hustling for the mighty dollar, Russian ruble, Romanian leu or the euro.

Going online before eating is an appetite suppressant because nothing seems good enough.  Colour works for me, the way it worked for mama.  There must be some colour on the plate: some greens, carrots or pumpkin.  Don’t over boil, it murders vegetables. 

I therefore stand accused of eating, without going online for the latest food fad.
By:  Nonqaba waka Msimang.


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