Zulu Khokha

Zulu Khokha

Khokha is to pay for school, food, gas, insurance, pastors, the government, cell phones or cars.

·         Kho …… as in cough

·         Kha …… as in car

Khokha ndoda.
Pay up, man!
Khokha manje.
Pay now.
Khokha intela.
Pay the rent.
Khokha nge-credit card.
Pay with a credit card.
Khokha ngembuzi.
Pay with a goat.
There’s an admission fee. 
Ngizo khokha ebhasini.
I will pay on the bus.
Pay up.
Khokhe-lani izingane.
Pay for the children.

You can also say khokhe-la.

Khokhe-la ugesi.
Pay for electricity.
Khokhe-la amanzi.
Pay for water.
Khokhe-la imoto.
Pay for the car. (insurance, monthly payments etc.)


What are the things you pay for?  Say them in Zulu.

Nonqaba waka Msimang is the author of the South African novel, Sweetness.


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