Zulu Khuluma

Khuluma is to speak, to talk.  Two or more people can have a conversation.  We also see folks talking to themselves on the street.  No.  They are not crazy, just broke.  You’ll never see Bill Gates talking to himself, counting his billions.
Khu- as in the English word could.  Lu- as in look. -ma- as in manna.

Khuluma. Ngilalele.
Speak or talk.  I’m listening.
Khuluma naye Boris.
Talk to her Boris.
Khuluma naye Femi.
Talk to him Femi.
Khuluma naye Samir.
Talk to him Samir.
Ngi-khuluma nawe.
I’m talking to you.
U-mama ukhuluma nawe.
Ma is talking to you.
They are talking.
Khuluma kancane.
Speak softly. (especially when baby is asleep)
U-yathanda uku-khuluma.
She likes talking.
Ba-yathanda uku-khuluma.
They like talking.
Ba-khuluma ngami.
They are talking about me.
Ba-khuluma ngawe.
They are talking about you.
Put in a good word for me.

Nonqaba waka Msimang is the author of the South African novel, Sweetness.




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