Zulu Biza

Sentence construction was handled in older posts that are numbered, like Zulu 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on.  They will help you understand how we say:

I am ………

She is …………..

He is ……………

They are …………..

We are ………..

Today’s lesson is biza, to call somebody.  "bi" is a soft -b-, as in milk.  DO NOT pronounce it like:
  • bipartisan
  • bike
  • mike
Biza is also used in things, as in what is this thing called? Ibizwani?  When you meet peope who speak isiZulu, you will ask them about this and that.  Ibizwani?

Biza u-Sindi.
Call Sindi.
Biza u-Bongani.
Call Bongani.
Biza u-Vladimir.
Call Vladimir.
Biza u-Hema.
Call Hema.
Uyakubiza u-mama.
Ma is calling you.
Uyakubiza u-baba.
Father is calling you.
Sindi, uyabizwa.
Sindi, you are being called.
Bongani, uyabizwa.
Bongani, you are being called.
Vladimir, uyabizwa.
Vladimir, you are being called.
Uyakubiza u-Jesu.
Jesus is calling you.
Uyakubiza u-Allah.
Allah is calling you.
U-bizwa wukufa.
Death is calling you. (if you live dangerously).

Nonqaba waka Msimang is the author of the South African novel, Sweetness.


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