Books' Lament

We have to speak up.  There are so many blogs and websites dedicated to us books, but we are not respected at all.  We want to air our feelings now, when we still have time.  E-books, Amazon Kindle, the i-Pad and other enemies are at the door, forcing their way in with just one click.

We are up held as paragons of virtue.  The present occupants of the White House insist that little Malia and Sasha should read more books and get less television.  Many parents also subscribe to that upbringing, but where do they keep their precious books?  The state of books in homes is quite appalling.

We are stored on top of each other in book shelves because owners of the house don’t have any problem with buying a microwave oven that cost four digits, but would not buy an extra shelf for $30 to accommodate new books.  It is less traumatic for new books, but the books under the new books are damaged.  The book spine becomes spineless from all that weight.

Book shelves are for books but owners of the house force us to share space with scissors, staples, hair ointment, pills, photographs of unpopular children who don’t have a space in the family room, unpaid bills, you name it.

It’s a dog’s life!  Make that a book’s life!


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