Organic Brussels Sprouts

I don't know English very well because it has so many tentacles.

There's Lagos English in Nigeria, English used by lawyers, English for electricians, English for civil servants, doctors, baby talk, politicians, computer programmers, Google or health fanatics. 

People who pump iron or run on treadmills also have their own English sautéed with words like low fat, calories, gluten, antioxidants, organic, etcetera. 

I don't speak the 'workout' English because cash on my plastic cards, calls the shots.  When I'm broke I pick up the little supermarket basket.  You know I'm rich for a few days when you see me behind that trolley.

What is organic?  Should i trust the supermarket manager who has a big yellow sign, ORGANIC ASPARAGUS?

Bad example.  I don't do asparagus.  Life is too short for self-torture.  Not asparagus thanks very much. 

The only organic thing i can vouch for is organic banana.  The taste between non-organic and organic banana is like high speed internet and a tortoise.  My tongue knows the difference. 

As for the rest, I'm clueless.  That is why I'm skeptical about all these supermarket signs with organic this, organic that. 

Can ordinary people taste the difference like the banana example?  How about Brussels sprouts?  I assume they were born and raised organically in Belgium, in a city called Brussels.

They were then shipped to the U.K. or North America in freezers.  Did all that travelling deprive them of the organic label? 


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