Internet Killed My Business

Economics is not my thing because I seldom have any cash on me, in the bank, stock exchange or under the mattress, but I know that Google and YouTube have killed many businesses.

1.       Travel agents:  I want to fly to Bora Bora to catch some sun and sea water the colour of emeralds.  No need for a travel agent.  Just Google it.

2.      Yellow Pages:  I need some restoration on an old Fiat.  No problem.  Caress my phone and voila! Found some car restoration joints.

3.      Shrinks:  I think they are called psychiatrists.  Oops!  Rich people no longer sleep on someone’s couch and pour out their grief caused by money.  They check out YouTube shrinks or read blogs.  Oh! They still appear on the Dr. Phil show?

4.      Office space:  Check out vacant offices next time you are in the city and count the number of the signs OFFICE SPACE TO LET.  You are responsible for that because your office is now that coffee shop around the corner or kitchen table.

5.      Bank tellers: You are all into online banking so banks close neighbourhood branches and maintain one in the shopping mall.

6.      Photographers:  Reporters/journalists used to go to press conferences or any other assignment with photographers.  Not anymore.  Newspapers gave them mobile phones so that they can kill two birds with one stone.  That was some years ago.  They use their own phones now.

7.      Journalists:  Newspapers close every month because you guys are now breaking news with your phones.  Shoot and post on Twitter, FB and Google before you can say accident or assassination.

8.      Doctors:  Doctors continue to close their rooms because when you have a growth in your ear, mummy says: “Just Google it darling.”

9.      Photocopiers and fax machines:  Sorry Xerox, nothing personal but I send e-mail attachments now or share stuff using many other electronic platforms.

10.   Butter:  Farmers and most industries related to butter have gone out of business because of all those health blogs saying butter is the bad guy.          

Did I forget any other business that went off-business because of on-line activity? 


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