Eating Is Not A Crime

Eating is not a disorder.  It is like gas in a car.  It can only move forward if it has enough gas in the tank.

That is why it is hard to understand the anti-food sentiment.  People who eat are frowned upon like smokers, who get dirty looks when they smoke outside in freezing weather.
“Are you going to eat all that?”

That is the general comment when we see people piling up food on their plates at weddings and business seminars.
It is usually the diet brigade that makes that statement because they live on lettuce, cucumber and water.  Some even smoke to try and supress appetite.

A healthy appetite does not kill anyone.  Starving does.  We are used to actresses fainting when shooting movies because they are hungry. 

Eating is private and confidential.  Folks should be respected for what they put on their plates. 

Four doughnuts everyday are a problem obviously, but generally, a healthy breakfast is a must to face the rough day ahead. I once worked with someone who ate only nuts.  She was as thin as a rake.
“Are you going to eat all that?”

It is rude and judgemental.  We don’t walk up to a stranger and tell him that the colour of the tie is atrocious.  One man’s meat is another man’s poison.

“Yes. I’m going to eat all that.”


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