Disability Support Workers Fraud

Casual disability support workers that accompany for a few hours, people with disabilities commit fraud if they sit on their phones and not talk to them.
People living with Down Syndrome, autism, Alzheimer’s and other illnesses that erode mental and physical capacity, either live at home or in special institutions.

Such institutions have doctors and other health care providers that monitor their well-being round the clock, but they also hire disability support workers to take them out for coffee, to the park, the mall and other public places.
They help them get the wheelchair or motorized chair on mini-buses designed especially for that purpose.   If they are taking public transport, workers buy tickets and help them on the bus.  But not all of them are on wheel chairs. 

The whole exercise is for them to interact with the world outside the institutions.  That is why disability support workers take them out for lunch or walks.  Some of them are very attentive, even feed their charges if their limbs are limp. 
People with disabilities look forward to these outings, to talk to other people besides health care workers, get fresh air and see kids running around. 

They might not speak clearly, but they do want to talk because they are human beings.  Sometimes, it is easier to confide in a total stranger.  Therefore, disability support workers commit fraud if they are on their phones.  They are not providing the hourly companionship they are paid for.

By:  Nonqaba waka Msimang.


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