2018 Lions and Bed Bugs

The new year 2018 is waiting in the wings, watching with glee another round of happy new year wishes which will never come to fruition because human beings do not have the stoicism, intellect, tenacity, and sting of lions and bed bugs.

They believe in instant gratification, the now-now.  That is why they have Nespresso coffee makers, T.V. dinners, plastic knives, forks and glasses, pre-approved credit, disposable Christmas trees and online love.  Lions and bed bugs are more realistic.  They are patient. They still believe that good things come to those who wait.

It might seem ridiculous to equate the two but they have the same survival strategy.  Master planners.  They observe the prey: its mating, family, favourite food, watering hole and its residential address.  Careless tourists with cameras are a plus.
Prey surveillance is much easier for bed bugs because what’s wrong with not making my bed for a month, let alone regularly washing bedsheets and comforters and hanging them in the sun?  Coin laundries are also open for business.  Why should we turn mattresses upside down to see if there are any squatters, vacuum under the bed or bathe for a change?

People in Canada and the U.S. group themselves into all kinds of collectives, but none are as effective as those of lions and bed bugs.  Once all the data on the prey is in, they take a decision which involves all members of the family, mama lion will take care of the neck and papa lion will cripple the giraffe.  Junior?  Even baby lion takes part in the kill.

Maybe stoicism, intellect and tenacity of lions and bed bugs, should be our 2018 resolution. 
By:  Nonqaba waka Msimang.


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