Mobile Phone Parents

Photo:  Nonqaba waka Msimang
Mobile phones and raising babies.  Social networking has made it possible for us to have families at home and families in virtual space.
Sometimes people we live with feel lonely because we are busy making love to our mobile phones, talking to friends and followers.
My favourite is a woman I usually see when I am delayed in town, and catch the 6.30 p.m. bus.  One kid is in a stroller/pram, another one is about three or four.  The boy crouches on the seat and stares at whoever is seating behind them. 
One man got so irritated, he told the boy to turn around and sit properly.  The little boy really stares hard.  The mother doesn’t notice a thing because she is on her mobile phone, from when she gets on the bus and eight stops later, when I get out.
A classic is what I saw on a bus in Toronto.  Little boy and the mum got on the bus.  He was in his pyjamas.  Mum was massaging her phone and the little boy wanted to say something.  She gave him one look, and he stopped, sat deep in his seat.  She continued with her business on the phone, until they got off opposite a building written DAY CARE.
Mobile phones and raising kids will make a great movie.  I’m thinking of approaching Netflix with this script.
CHILD:  Mom, I ………….

MOTHER: I’m busy.

CHILD:  I wanted to tell ………….

MOTHER:  How many times have I told you not to disturb me when I’m on the phone?

CHILD: But mom …………

MOTHER:  I said ……….

CHILD:  Look! Smoke from the kitchen.

MOTHER:  (woman jumps) What the …………

To be continued.


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