Pyjamas And Street Cred.

Pyjamas/pajamas have gone street.  You now see people on the bus, the mall, or at the burger joint, in their P.J.’s.  Some kids go to school in them.
Most dictionaries define P.J.’s as: ‘A suit of loose pants and jacket or shirt for sleeping in.’ Not anymore.  P.J.’s have taken casual dressing to another level.  Mama won’t approve because she believed in three things: have a bath every day, wear clean underwear in case you are hit by a bus, and dress for the occasion. 
Mama was a great cook.  She had more dinner plates than any art museum.  She even had casserole dishes that went from the oven to the table. 
That is what P.J’s are doing.  They go from the bed to the street.  It is a free world, but not when I’m meeting you for lunch.  The great Gucci or Tom Ford P.J.’s tell me that someone jumped the gun, or should we say jumped the shower, the toothbrush and other things we do every morning to meet the world.
Our lunch date cannot go down nicely if I have all these thoughts about jumping the shower.  The night is wonderful, when our bodies say:  Thank god it is night time.  This guy wants to kill me with all this running around chasing the dollar. 
We wash away the smells of the night with some water municipalities provide (at a cost).  In some countries, it is a dive into the sea or the local river.

Hey!  I might be wrong.  Maybe some people do have a full shower, shave, put on perfume and then take the P.J’s they had the night before and put them on again.
This does not apply to people who don’t own them at all. 


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