Summer Snow

Amber Rose, hip hop star, 2015 Trinidad and
Tobago carnival.
Summer snow?  You got that right.  I’m thinking about summer in all this snow.  Both of them start with –s-.  Other good things I miss about the summer also start with this letter: sun, sea, surf and sand.
I never understood why American and British singers always sang about the summer, until I found myself here, where -28 degrees is regarded as a good winter.  I grew up on the other side of town, or should I say the other side of the globe.  It was always hot in my corner of Africa. 
Sweaters came out after a little shower.  Africa has all the seasons like the rest of the world: autumn, winter, spring and summer but you need a magnifying glass to find the difference. 
Leaves sit stubbornly on trees during autumn or fall, as North Americans call it.  Leather jackets are a fashion statement, not garments for the cold.
‘Summer time, and the living is easy,’ I thought it was a song, but it is true.  Everything is nicer: people on the bus, drivers are civil to each other and kids go crazy when they see water. 
Nobody tells them it is snow in disguise.  We don’t want them to start bawling at the thought of being imprisoned in their designer strollers.
Clever people take their vacation in February and fly off to Cuba or Durban to say hello to the sun.  It is also a status thing. 
They love being the centre of attention at the mall because of their tan.  Some shoppers even resent them for flaunting their wealth:  ‘Look, I can take a break from the snow.'
I would like to go somewhere myself, to catch a little bit of the sun.  I was thinking of spreading my wings like the Scarlet Ibis and fly to Trinidad and Tobago to play mas in Carnival 2015, but I missed it.  I’ll budget for 2016 Carnival.  Yes.  I will definitely play Lotto.



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