Valentine's Day Say Love in Zulu

Valentine’s Day is on 14 February, but it comes in two parts.

Some people are loved 24/7 i.e. the whole year, all the time.  Others, only on 14 February.  Either way, love is in the air.  It is called uthando, in isiZulu (the Zulu language).

Love makes the world go round.  It also makes birds to cuddle up on a tree branch, and lions to go on a hunt to impress their lovers with some meat, hopefully it is not human meat. 
I love you, says the male lion.  Ngi-yakuthanda.
I love you too, says lady lion.  Nam’ ngi-yakuthanda.
thanda’ sounds like English words task, type or tally.

Ngiyaku-thanda Rihanna.
I love you Rihanna.
Ngiyaku-thanda Missy Elliot.
I love you Missy Elliot.
Ngiyaku-thanda mama.
I love you mum.
Nam ngiyaku-thanda.
I love you too.
Ngiyaku-thanda baba.
I love you dad.
Nam ngiyaku-thanda.
I love you too.
Ngiyaku-thanda mnta-nami.
I love you my child.
To love (it is a verb).
Love.  (It is a noun).
Ngicela uthando lwakho.
I am asking for your love.
Boris, uthando lwam.
Boris is my love.
Kenya, uthando lwam.
Kenya is my love.
Nandini, uthando lwam.
Nandini is my love.
Chris, uthando lwam.
Chris is my love.
A girl’s name – the loved one.
A boy’s name – love.
A boy’s name – love.

EXERCISES:  Do you love somebody?  Tell them you love them, using their names.


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