Ban Re-Gifting

Do you want a gift receipt?
The question was from a sales assistant in December 2015, after I had bought a jacket that weighs 20 kilos to repel the Canadian freezing weather.

I find the question strange because a receipt is a receipt period.  I suppose it’s called a gift receipt in December because you’re all ungrateful.  You return Christmas gifts because you don’t like them.  What happened to: “it’s the thought that counts” sentiment?
I have a solution.  I will not give people gift receipts.  Instead, I will buy them things I like, including my size and colour.

I want you to look me in the eye and tell me that you did not like the red parka I got you for Christmas.  You don’t like the colour?  It’s for your safety.  Visibility.  The blizzards around here affects drivers’ concentration.  They must see that a pedestrian is crossing the road and not run you over.
There will be some brave folks who will ask me for gifts receipts.  Their loss, because I won’t buy them a thing in 2016, 2017, 2018 and beyond.

Instead, I’ll ask them to give me the gifts so that I return them to the store myself.  Will I?  Not on your life!  Remember i bought them something that I like.  I will keep them.
That is called re-gifting.  No, a ‘selfie’ re-gifting. 


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