My Driver A Status Symbol

It is not right to flaunt your wealth.  It is in fact highly insensitive to mention your accountant or driver in the company of ‘po’ people.
It is a complete give-away to tell the world that you have an accountant.  It means that you have so much money you cannot ‘count’ it yourself. 
People in the real world know their bank balance by heart, although that could be dangerous because the $20 you thought you had, could actually be $17.70, because banks charge rent for keeping your money.
Mentioning your driver is also anti-social because people in the real world do not have cars and we are not talking about old ones under trees, condos for chickens and pigeons.  They use the bus, train, private cabs or mini bus taxis in Africa where they are sometimes treated like thrash.
My aunt in Lesotho is an exception because she is one of the first people in her country to have a driver.  Why?  Because she has been a business woman as long as I can remember. 
She has meetings to attend and suppliers to meet, and doesn’t have time to find a parking spot or look for coins to drop in the meter.  Does she even carry coins?  We shall leave that for future blogs.
Another status symbol is taking planes all over the country or the world.  Maybe I’ve seen too many movies where characters say, ‘Don’t worry.  I’ll take the next flight out.
Very few people have healthy credit cards that allow unplanned trips.  People in the real world save for six months before visiting grandmama or attending Cousin Thola’s wedding. 
Having dress designers is also a status symbol, but then, very few women wear dresses anymore.  It’s mainly torn jeans. 


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