Pre-Paid Credit Cards and Me

      Credit Cards.  That’s it.  I’m done.  I’m not happy. 

I do not want to use strong language in case it offends Google so much, this little blog is taken off the air in retaliation.  It is not a nice thing when the cashier says ‘I’m sorry.’
She doesn’t have to finish the sentence.  The customers behind you know what comes after the apology.  My card has been declined.  No.  It was not because I did not settle my monthly bill.  Honestly.  I kid you not.  It had something to do with the chip. 
The card was declined before I put in my PIN.  Who is supposed to dust this magnetic chip from time to time to keep it running?  It just refused to work and this was confirmed by the Bank of Montreal the following day. 
Fortunately I was able to whip out my bank card and proudly told miss cashier that I would put the bill on debit.  I had money in it which belonged to another bill I had to pay in three days’ time, but that is another story.
Anyway, I am thinking of getting one of those pre-paid credit cards to avoid further embarrassment.  The problem will be loading it though.  Where will I get the money to put on the pre-paid card?  The advantage of traditional credit cards is that you live beyond your means. 
I don’t know.  It will be difficult to remove ‘beyond’ and replace it with living ‘within’ my means.


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