Fresh Film Ideas 2

I am in this impossible quest to find just one million original films in our lifetime.  How many people are out there in the world?  India and China have more than one billion people.  Asia as a whole has more.  There’s massive Africa. 

We can never have the correct figures because a child is born every minute.  In short, there are billions of people in the world and we still don’t have just a million original films.  I have some ideas.

Flesh and Not Blood, and written by Nonqaba waka Msimang
Davina lives in the country where she manages the family’s rose-growing business.  Their main source of income is Valentine’s Day.  They ship tons of red roses to mainly to North America and Europe.  Her husband Zola is the local mayor and does not have time for the business.

She has one son Neville who is a computer genius.  The United States is his main career destination to work for Steve Jobs.  Neville’s wife Sasa, is a social worker and runs an old age home.  When Zola, Davina’s husband becomes sick, she tries to divide herself between his sick bed and the roses.  She suggests selling the business.

Zola says his son Neville should come back to the farm and run the business.  Sasa offers to quit her job and come and help Davina run the rose business.  “It is our children’s legacy,” she tells Neville.  “What legacy when you can’t have kids?” he retorts.

Sasa volunteered to save the business because she was losing her mind at the old age home, listening to frightening stories about children forcing their parents into such homes.  Neville finds a job in the U.S.  He is gone for two years, when Davina his mother congratulates him that his son is a few hours old.

“Which son mother?”
“I’ve been gone two years.”
“No son, long before that.  You stopped touching your wife a long time ago.”
“Whose baby is it then?”
“Sasa my daughter-in-law has a husband.  Goodbye.”

What is an original film script?
It is an untold story.  It is also something highly unlikely for example, a mother-in-law loving her son’s wife more than him.

Nonqaba waka Msimang is the author of Sweetness the novel.


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