Sweetness The Novel Available

No cinema today. Sweetness, written by Nonqaba waka Msimang is out. You can buy it at:

What is the novel all about?
1. It is about mothers-in-law.
2. It is about Phillip and Zaba Zimbi who lived in two glass houses joined by a bridge.
3. It is about how people laughed at them because of that.
4. It is about Zaba’s relief that Phillip did not marry co-wives.
5. It is about their sugar cane farms near Durban called Sweetness.
6. It is about their three sons who did not want to be in sugarcane production.
7. It is about the treatment of workers in sugar cane fields.
8. It is about how sugar production is losing money because people on diet don’t want to eat sugar.
9. It is about townhouse development taking more and more agricultural land.
10. It is about choices children make about their lives despite expensive education.
11. It is about one of the sons who left home and changed himself into a Coloured man.
12. It is about Phillip’s illegitimate child with one of the workers.
13. It is about Zaba’s love for that child.
14. It is about that child growing up to be a woman who seldom smiled.
15. It is about Zaba’s ex daughter-in-law Thandi and her twins who were different as night and day.
16. It is about the twins’ father Muhle who still loves their mother although he is now married to Nobuhle.
17. It is about Nobuhle who feels that she can never be accepted as the current wife because she is compared to the first wife.
18. It is about a woman who is a nurse and cannot have a baby.
19. It is about Sean Bristol the Englishman who is in a black economic empowerment (BEE) deal with Zaba.
20. It is about the new South Africa.

I will be back next week with the cinema review. Ngiyabonga. (Thank You).


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