Voicemail Full

Canada Post or Deutsche Post can probably relate to the voicemail message that the inbox is full.  It must be frustrating pushing letters into a full mailbox.  The owners never check it because they receive bills electronically.  Maybe, they are on vacation and never arranged for a mailbox sitter as in baby sitter.
A full mailbox is bad news for the caller because it means the owner of the phone is anti-technology.  She doesn’t delete past doctors’ appointments, car service messages, dinner reminders, kids’ ‘I love you mum’ messages or husband’s messages WHERE ARE YOU?  

Phone messages should be deleted because we take the garbage out. We rake autumn leaves and drop them in the compost heap.  We take old things to the recycling depot or second hand stores.  They must be deleted to make room for fresh messages.

The mailbox is full.  How do we leave a message?  We have a problem.  The cell phone owner is anti-technology.  How do we know that?  She has a factory-generated welcome message because she doesn’t know or have time to put her voice to good use and say:
‘This is This Madame Hollande.  I can’t take your call right now’ ………… BLAH BLAH BLAH!

The owner of the phone is anti-tech so you can’t send her a direct message on Facebook or Twitter.  No.  Don’t even think about WhatsApp.  She’s not on it.  How about trying her landline?  Oops! The answering machine is also full.
Try email. There are 500 unread messages in her inbox.  She is missing then.  File a missing person report.  Missing in action. No.  Missing because of no action (deleting messages).

By:  Nonqaba waka Msimang.


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